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LED Flashlight maintenance, use, parameters to explain
Views:842times Release Date:10-24-2011

   Note maintenance LED Flashlight
1, CREE Flashlight Remove the battery when not in use, placed in a cool place.
2, when the head and tail cap twist is not smooth when applied at the interface a little grease.
3, when the torch in the contaminated water or corrosive liquids please wash with water and dry with a hair dryer.
4, after each use with a clean soft cloth to wipe on the torch.

   Notes with LED Flashlight
1, when the bulb can not maintain high-brightness, lighting replaced when the battery charge, to avoid over-discharge and cause damage to the battery.
2, the lamp is strictly prohibited dismantling, reflective glass or light bulbs to avoid damage.
3, do not light directly into people's eyes, a strong light will cause permanent eye damage.

    Method using LED Torches
1, burst press the switch lights when used for the low light. Need to switch light switch as long as the light can reach the tactical point of burst. Function followed by, low light, light, strobe in the press the switch lights off
2, open the flashlight is off, pressing the middle of the rubber cap, flashlight open, repeat the above steps is close
3, the battery unscrew the end cap installation, pay attention to the battery positive and negative, into the battery, screw on the end cap

    Bicycle lights how to charge
1, remove the charger will take two pins into the electrical interface, the jack end into the battery box jack. Charger when charging the light was red above, when the lights change from red to green to indicate charging is completed, then you can remove the battery to use. Note: Battery charging time is 6 hours)
2, the special rechargeable battery into the box (note: the battery into the battery of the battery compartment is on the positive and negative polarity, or not charging)
3 Unscrew the flashlight end cap, remove the battery.

    Parameters specific LED Torch
    Surface treatment: precision CNC machining, thick anodized, matte black
    Beam Brightness: 110 ~ 130 lumens Material: Aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum
    Bulb: American CREE 3W high power LED bulbs
    Switch: Central switch burst feature unique design using light when the switch is pressed for the low light. Need to switch light switch as long as the light can reach the tactical point of burst.
    Lighting time: sustained more than 5 hours of high intensity illumination
    Features: attack the design, waterproof compression and drop, smart fast charge
    Dimensions: Length 151mm × handle 26mm (head diameter: 34mm) Weight: 155g (without batteries)
    Function: low-light, light, Baoshan three kinds of water: fully sealed design, operating in the water one meter high hardness alloy case, high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, and can in a variety of harsh environmental conditions. Function followed by, low light, light, strobe in the press switch lights off. Appearance: Precision CNC machining, thick anodized, matte black
    Intelligent Charging: The charger uses the chip control charge with constant current, constant voltage charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, turn lights, anti-intrusion protection.
    Tactical Flashlight front touch switch light / Strobe /, the first front offensive with attacks cause pain, uniform effect; aerospace aluminum alloy, waterproof compression and drop; bulb life of 100,000 hours, brightness: 130 lumens. More than 5 hours continuous bright lighting, rechargeable 1000; bright LED flashlight alarm equipment must be equipped with a single, third gear Tactical Flashlight provides high brightness illumination.

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