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Strong LED Flashlight Detailed material
Produces name:Strong LED Flashlight
Type: (Null)
Issues the date:7-17-2009 8:37:05 PM
Product explanation:

1: LED Chipset: Luminus SST-50; Color temperature: 6800K-8000K, life time: more than 50000-100000 hours. 2: Voltage: DC 5.5-12V, Max: 15V, double Li-battery protect;

Current: LED whole course constant 5A, voltage step-down circuit input about 2-3Ah.
Theoretical luminance: 1000-1200Lm for 1 hour;
Dimming function: 100%-80%-50%-30%-10%-Strobe, total 6 grades;
Circuit function: low-voltage protection and high efficiency DC-DC, circuit will cut down power automatic when voltage of battery is low enough in order to protect life time of battery. Use DC-DC step-down constant circuit and efficiency is more than 85%.
3: Extreme Range:?600M
4: Aerospace aluminum alloy and hard anodized body, made by exact CNC lathe, Military level hard anodic oxidation, wear-resisting and durable, radiance color and not fades in color.
5: Whole high definition toughened glass lens.
6: High definition vacuum coating aluminum alloy reflect light cup ( orange peel surface or glaze surface ).
7: IP level: IPX-8.
8: Battery:?3 x 18650 (2200mAh) Lithium Battery or?6 x CR123 Li-Battery.
9: Battery Charge: take out of battery and then charge.
10: Switch: click-type tailcap switch
11: Pro-environment silica gel deflating cap (Black or Green color).
12: Weight: 1100G(exclude battery).
13: Widely usage: Police, traffic, fire-fight, water project, forestry, outdoor, explore, trip and so on.
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